Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww Mondays


“I’m not a morning puppy”


Monday’s Music Moves Me

The theme for this week is heaven or hell. I choose heaven and I am going to choose inspirational/gospel/contemporary Christian music to express thoughts on heaven. Like most genres of music, there are multiple options in the inspirational category. One can choose country, southern gospel, contemporary Christian, hymns of the church, rock, or praise and worship and I happen to like a little of each. Regardless of the situation that I find myself in, I know that I can count on one name to call on. Christ has told me that He is the only way to heaven and He has assured me that He will always hear my voice and meet my needs. Sometimes I don’t know what I need, but He does, so Jesus is the “Only Name” I Need.

There are times when all of us feel lost, unloved, disrespected, or forgotten. The evangelist Charles Spurgeon reminds us that “The God who hung the stars and knows each of them by name is in no danger of forgetting about one of His children.” We can praise Him when all is well, we can run to Him when all seems a mess. God desires the fellowship of His children, so much so that He sent His only Son to die on a cross for the sins of this world. What have I done to deserve a love like this? Absolutely nothing!

So where can I find this love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness? It is found at the cross.

Scripture tells us that our bodies are temples created by God and we are to present them as a living sacrifice to Him. In other words, it is God’s will that His creation accept the sacrifice of Christ, seek His forgiveness, and receive the gift of eternal life. It is in my best interest to make Christ the “King of My Heart”.
Have a blessed week.

20 thoughts on “Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Music has an incredible power to heal and to teach. No wonder religious belief is expressed so much in music. I enjoyed all these songs for their music but found “There is a Fountain” of the greatest interest. I read that the man who wrote this powerful hymn suffered from deep depression for a lot of his life. But, perhaps not surprising, the original lyrics were considered so graphic that some felt they were too graphic, and there have been changes made since the original hymn was written.

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    1. The writer did indeed suffer from a period of depression in his life. Like Scripture itself, I am sure there are those who were uncomfortable with the truth that salvation and eternal life are only possible through the blood sacrifice of Christ and there is nothing that the sinner can do to earn the mercy and grace of the Creator. It is a free gift, but it cost Christ his life.

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  2. Awww on the puppy. So cute. A huge Awww.

    You know how I loe your music choices. Today is no exception.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, my friend. 🙂

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    1. If the tribute you mention is my header, the images are my great grandfather (civil war), my father (WWII), and myself (Vietnam). I don’t have a photo of my grandfather (WWI). Thankfully, all of us came home to live a life of freedom. Glad you enjoyed today’s music as well.

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  3. Driller,

    A beautiful illustration of Christ’s love for us to receive His free gift to all so that we might live in heaven when our body returns to the earth and our spirit makes that journey into the next life. Thank you for sharing such powerful mewsic of hope and love! Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

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  4. greyzoned/angelsbark

    Hi Driller,
    Wonderful presentation of these fabulous-for-the-soul songs! I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite as each stands strong on its own and I find that I like each one for different reasons. Probably my top two are “King of My Heart” and Big Daddy Weave’s “The Only Name”. Lauren Daigle has a lovely voice.

    I’m so glad you posted these songs. I really needed to hear them. I sure have been talking to God a lot over the last few weeks regarding my Mom. I’m praying harder than I ever have before I think. These songs are powerful. The night before my Mom had that big brain surgery, I went down to the gift shop in the hospital to buy some Tums because I was having horrible heartburn that started while we were talking to the surgeon. While there I was looking around and found these cool pewter stones with engravings on them. There was a big basket of them and I reached in and grabbed one. It said “Be Strong and Courageous”. I thought, wow, that’s interesting, being that my Mom was in the process of deciding whether or not to do the surgery. And the second one I picked up read “With God, All Things are Possible”. I bought them to take to my Mom. When I walked back into her room she said, “I’ve made my decision. I’m going to have the surgery.” And I said “Wow, then you won’t believe the messages I just got for you” and I showed her the stones. We talked about it and both of us felt positive going in. Now I’m freaking out because she’s not yet awake as they can’t take her out of the sedated state until she can breathe on her own; currently she’s on a ventilator. It’s been exactly one week today since the surgery and I keep saying that I just can’t think that God would bring her all the way through this massive surgery and not help her over the finish line here. The surgeon asked what her goal was and she said she wanted to come back home here with me and the dogs and be able to do things for herself. I’ve been begging God to make that happen for her….and me.
    Anyway, sorry to dump here but I appreciate the way you went with this theme. The songs are wonderful and helpful to me right now. Thanks.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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    1. God love to hear from His children, even in our darkest hour. He has gifted these artists with the ability to pen lyrics that sing His praises and remind us of just how great a God we serve. I am thrilled that the music from this post spoke to you and in some small way lifted your spirit and calmed your soul in the midst of the storm. Your family will be in my prayers. Have a blessed week.



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