2020 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 15

I have a lot of images of the grand kids in their”jammies” on Christmas Eve, but they look pretty good when you dress them up. Hard to believe it’s been nine years since this photo was taken.

Christmas is definitely the favorite holiday in our family. It is interesting how the whole world celebrates Christmas when so many actually don’t believe in the One who is the focus of the holiday. In contrast, most of the world was unaware of the historic event on the night that it actually took place. Shepherds in nearby fields were notified and wise men who studied the stars were aware of the event, but the world as a whole took almost no notice of the fact that the Messiah, promised in the old testament, had actually been born. Today, many our society take almost no notice of the fact that the Savior is still active in the affairs of mankind and is still in the business of saving souls. Christ was born to bring salvation and we must be born again to receive that salvation. Time and time again the Scriptures tell us that Christ did not come to condemn this world but to save our souls. 2 Peter 3:9 proclaims that God has no desire to see anyone perish but would like for every soul to be saved; however, He has given us the free will to make a choice. On that first Christmas night, Love was born.

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