2020 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 16

Christmas is all about family and it presents some rare photo opportunities. Here are the family Great Grandchildren in 2007. These are our grand kids (from left to right #2,4,6,&11) and their first cousins-once removed(?). They are the great grandchildren of my wife’s parents.

Mary, the mother of our Savior had a cousin Elizabeth. Six months prior to the angel Gabriel informing Mary that she would give birth the Christ, he informed Zacharias and Elizabeth that they would be the parents of none other than John the Baptist and that John would be the one to proclaim to his world that Christ was the Messiah. John the Baptist was beheaded for his stand against the immorality of Herod & Herodias. Later, Jesus would say that there was no greater man, born of woman, than John the Baptist. Today the primary means of spreading the gospel is still person to person. If need be, go tell it on the mountain. Have a blessed day.

5 thoughts on “2020 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 16

  1. What a great shot of the kids. I’m loving your looks back. So precious.

    Go Tell it on the Mountain was one of my mothers favorite hymns. Beautiful. Made me smile.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂



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