2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 3

Soon after the angel Gabriel had visited Mary and shared the news that she had been chosen to give birth to The Savior, Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was also expecting a child. When Mary shared the news with Elizabeth, the babe in her womb leaped for joy. You see, Elizabeth was going to give birth to the child who would become known as John the Baptist. Thirty years later, John declared the beginning of Christ’s ministry by baptizing Jesus. Mary became the first person to share the good news of the gospel.

4 thoughts on “2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 3

  1. XmasDolly aka Marie

    What a beautiful & happy song! Thanks so much for sharing! It was very uplifting I must say! HAPPY HOLIDAYS my friend, and thanks so much for being our Honorary Conductor this month! You’re duh best! Hugs!!! Oh and HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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