2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 26

Christmas is the happiest of holidays for most of us. For others there is a hole in their heart. Loved ones are separated by various circumstances. Parents and spouses have loved ones serving in the military and deployed to the ends of the earth. First responders must work holidays and cannot celebrate with family. Others are spending their first Christmas without a special loved one. For whatever reason Christmas must be celebrated in the mind and heart. May your Christmas be special. May the Lord bless you, comfort you, and remind you that He is always near and loves you and those you miss more than you can know. Have a blessed Christmas.

8 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 26

  1. yogiabb

    My heart goes out to everyone who cannot be with family on Christmas.

    Karen Carpenter had such a great voice. It makes me nostalgic listening to her now.

    Pentatonix is superb! And so is Home Free.


    1. Yes indeed. The military personnel have a special place in my heart as I spent a Christmas in Vietnam. My mom sent me a little Christmas tree. A lot of young men and women will be a long way from home this season.



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