2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 27

Each year Decorating the Christmas tree(s) is a task that my wife likes to get done the week before Thanksgiving. We have had as many as five trees in our house ranging from four to nine feet tall. This year there are two trees and both are seven and a half feet tall. One is a pretty standard tree while the other is a more narrow variety. The tree in the main living area is decorated with traditional ornaments while the tree in the TV room is decorated with photo ornaments of the grand kids. I have featured that tree in some form nearly every year since we started displaying it. You will likely see that tree very soon.

The main tree has two new ornaments this year. Since my wife’s birthday is early in December it is not unusual for her to receive Christmas themed gifts. This year our daughter got her two new glass ornaments. One is the state of Arkansas where my wife was born and we now reside. The other is the state of Oklahoma where I was born and raised.

Of course Lucy is a permanent fixture around the house and makes a pretty nice decoration under the tree.

12 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 27

  1. Your Christmas tree is most beautiful. Your wife is a master at decorating. That tree is perfection. I love your two new ornaments too. Fitting.

    Love your videos as always. The last one is my favorite. So talented.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, my friend. 🙂


  2. yogiabb

    Great trees and I love the new ornaments. Lucy makes a perfect decoration.

    I love “Today is the Savior’s Day”

    Keep on keeping on with your marathon!



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