Not So Wordless Wednesday

The past couple of weeks I posted some images I had captured of potted flowers on our patio. I had taken a spray bottle and misted the plants with water and I found the results quite pleasing. Every once in a while an image begs to be manipulated. This is one of those images.


There is no real manipulation here, but a verse of scripture came to mind.


Then the thought came to mind, what if I convert this image to Black & White.


Well that was interesting but maybe we need to add something else.  So I took the image into my Nik filter collection for PhotoShop Elements and added a little contrast and a vintage frame for a little drama.


That was fun, but what if I add a little canvas texture and a subtle white vignette to the image.


And that’s what I call “Fun With Filters”. Have a blessed week.



13 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

    1. I find that the occasional manipulation of an image with various filters keeps the creative process in my brain active. Sometimes the results are unexpected. Have a blessed week.



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